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 Join our movement of compassion designed to reduce child abuse and bring stability to families while returning the Body of Christ to the forefront of caring for their neighbor. 


What if you could stop child abuse before it starts? When you support IdaHope Families, you join in a groundbreaking collaboration between local church volunteers and family care professionals to support at-risk children, individuals, and parents in need. When you volunteer, you can have a powerful impact on the lives of others while practicing radical biblical hospitality and extending the love of Christ to people in need.

Your support will enable the Christian community to reemerge as a champion for vulnerable families and help heal hearts and lives in your community through the love and power of Jesus Christ.

You have an opportunity to provide respite, guidance, and encouragement to struggling parents while keeping children safe from potential harm. You have an opportunity to offer a special skill to families in need that will assist them in making necessary and lasting changes. Your support keeps families together and children safe. 


The first step is to click the “request information” and fill out the volunteer pre-application form.  Once you have received the information necessary to choose the volunteer role you are interested in, our Program Manager will send you the appropriate application.

        2.  SCREENING

Volunteer Host Homes, Mentors, and Support Partners undergo a screening and training process including background checks, references, in-person interviews, and for Host Homes a home assessment.

        3.  VOLUNTEER

When an individual or family is facing a crisis and needs assistance you will be invited, once approved, to come alongside them in your volunteer role while receiving support and guidance from our Case Manager.

At the core of the IdaHope Families model is relationships – developing a supportive and caring relationship between the client and our volunteers. Parents who place children in hostings maintain full custody of their child(ren) and are encouraged to participate in decisions regarding their care during the time they are living in the Host Home. Often, strong bonds are formed and relationships continue long after the children are returned to their parents.


The trust built between the Family in Need and our volunteers is central to the IdaHope Families program. It’s at the heart of creating a haven of support for the family in need. Our goal is to reduce social isolation and provide ongoing support that fosters long-term change. Building resilience and long-lasting relationships is at the core of this movement.

Host Homes are recruited from local churches and are vetted and trained to assist families and children from hard places offering them a safe place and compassionate care until they bring stability back to their home. 

Key Components for hostings

  • Parents maintain custody of their children who are hosted. Host Homes offer temporary housing to vulnerable children in approved volunteer homes.
  • Host Homes can change the trajectory of a family in crisis as they bring hope.
  • Host Homes must be a part of a church community, be at least 25 years old, emotionally and financially stable, mature, law-abiding, healthy, and active.
  • Host Homes must be willing to engage in a long-term friendship with a family in need, agree not to use drugs, and refrain from using profanity or engaging in other negative behavior that may impact a child. 
  • Surround families in crisis with compassionate support and care that fosters lasting change.
  • Host Homes may also offer respite care to families in crisis.


Mentors are a key part of our ministry as they support parents in need, and ensure they have access to the resources necessary while guiding them toward lasting change.

Mentors act as an advocate for the family in need eliminating social isolation.

Mentors also meet with Host Home volunteers to ensure they have the support they need to care for the children being hosted and monitor child safety.

At IdaHope Families parents in distress work together in a 50/50 partnership with the mentor through whom all of our services are provided .

Key components of mentoring:

  • Build trusting relationships with families in need and walk with them through the crisis toward lasting change.
  • Assist and support Host Home volunteers as they host children.
  • Monitor the safety of the child(ren) in need.
  • Provide community resource referrals to the families in need.
  • Guide parents toward their goals.
  • Mentors must be law-abiding, involved in a church community, and at least 23 years of age

Being a Mentor is a unique and rewarding experience. If you are interested in supporting families in need and providing them with resources, championing child safety,  and building relationships with the individuals and parents in need as you encourage healthy growth, click the “request information” button below to request an informational meeting to learn how you can become an IdaHope Families Mentor volunteer.


Support Partners aid families in need by offering goods and/or services as well as tangible support contributing to the stabilization of the family. Some examples of the elements Support Partners offer are prayer, meals or groceries, clothing for kids, temporary financial assistance, and special services like hairstyling, plumbing, carpentry, auto mechanic skills, medical assistance, counseling, etc. 


There are so many other ways you can help out. Just give us a call and we’ll match our needs with your areas of skill and blessing.


Contact us for more information on how you can help families in distress keep their children safe and their families intact.

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We look forward to serving alongside you and your church.

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